Gold Data connects Mexico City’s major data centres

Gold Data connects Mexico City’s major data centres

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Gold Data is to expand its regional footprint by connecting all the major data centres in Mexico City via a redundant fibre optic network deployed by the firm.

The project has received US$10 million in initial investments.

The development concluded a 16-month project that has seen Gold Data redesign its infrastructure as a multi-media transport-oriented fibre network, as well as upgrade capabilities in line with “the highest US standards”.

Gold Data said its privately owned and operated network is expected to attract investments of US$100 million by 2023.

“We are very enthusiastic about Gold Data's amazing growth over the years and are excited about the opportunity to expand into Mexico to offer our innovative solutions,” said Gold Data CEO Renato Tradardi, who founded the company in 2000.

“I would like to thank all of our clients, employees and friends who have supported us and believed in our projects over the past 20 years.”

The connectivity and expansion project is the first step in Gold Data’s next growth phase and will also see major cities across Mexico connected, such as Queretaro and Veracruz, among others.

As part of the new strategy Gold Telecom, which trades as GoldConnect, has split from the Gold Data Group, following its sale to GD Group minority share holder Justo Valladares, effective 31 October.

Gold Data itself operates through the Americas and the Caribbean, interconnecting more than 156 PoPs and 76 data centres, with a presence across 11 countries.











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