Microsoft, Bango partnership gives telcos a gaming boost

Microsoft, Bango partnership gives telcos a gaming boost


Telcos looking to leverage the global growth in gaming will soon be able to bundle Xbox packages into subscriptions.

The development follows an extension of the partnership between Microsoft and Bango, the global platform for data-driven commerce.

Microsoft said it is to leverage the Bango Platform to open access to Xbox subscriptions and consoles sales, allowing telco partners to bundle Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox All Access in their subscription packages.

With the new Series X and Series S consoles due to be available in time for the customary year-end sales rush, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service and Xbox All Access program are expected to be in high demand.

“Bango is focused on growing success for partners through data driven commerce. Unique Bango data insights optimise the targeting of product bundles to boost consumer engagement. Bango is excited to expand its partnership with Microsoft, to take Xbox Game Pass and consoles to millions more gamers across the world,” said Bango CEO Paul Larbey.

On a consumer level, gaming is often tipped to be major driver of demand for 5G.

A 2019 survey of operators found most believed cloud gaming could represent 25% to 50% of 5G data traffic by 2022, based on the rapid progression of cloud gaming services in the months before the survey.

Since then things have accelerated further. A survey of 5,000 gamers published in September concluded that carriers offering 5G networks could be in for a US$150 billion profit boost if they correctly capitalise on the cloud gaming market.

Conducted by Ribbon Communications Inc, the research questioned 5,000 gamers across five countries who reported playing at least three hours per day prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. The results showed the respondents were aware of the arrival of 5G, recognised its capabilities, and were willing to pay more for the upgraded experience it promised to deliver.

Not only were 58% of the respondents already paying a premium for the best gaming experience possible on their connection, but 79% said they would consider replacing their current service with 5G to enhance the experience further.

Getting in on the action, last year Google launched Stadia and, in September, Amazon entered the cloud gaming space in partnership with Luna and also announced a new gaming channel with game publisher Ubisoft, available directly through Luna.

Commenting on their latest development, Microsoft and Bango said that telco partners who want to benefit from the global demand for Xbox gaming “can now leverage the unique offer and targeting insights provided by the Bango Platform to attract many more customers”.

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