[Webinar] Discover how Djoliba will revolutionise connectivity in Western Africa

Orange Djoliba Webinar_Article.png

How is Orange revolutionising connectivity in Western Africa with Djoliba? Watch our On-Demand webinars to find out how the new network is reshaping connectivity in the region.

Capacity is proud to partner with Orange International Carriers to bring you two webinars – one in English and one in French – to reveal the strengths and benefits of the award-winning Djoliba network.

Djoliba is the new Orange terrestrial network in West Africa, providing secured point-to-point links between eight capital cities in the region. Its 10,000km of fibre routes bring seamless connectivity for improved quality of service. The Djoliba network recently won the Terrestrial Project of the Year Award at the Global Carrier Awards, where our judges said they were stunned by this very impressive project in a challenging part of the world.

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