NEXTDC and PCCW's Console Connect to offer data centre services in Australia

NEXTDC and PCCW's Console Connect to offer data centre services in Australia

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Data centre solutions provider NEXTDC Limited (ASX: NXT) and Console Connect by PCCW Global has announced a new collaboration, which expands access for Australian businesses to cloud infrastructure and data centres around the world.

The collaboration is set to bring together PCCW Global’s Console Connect Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform and NEXTDC’s virtual interconnectivity platform, AXON, to simplify connectivity for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments.

The company said that the collaboration creates a new opportunity for existing Console Connect users to establish private connections, on-demand, to NEXTDC’s national data centre network of nine facilities located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Canberra.

“Console Connect is excited to team up with NEXTDC to make our Network-as-a-Service interconnection platform available to more customers across Australia, who can enjoy a flexible and secure provisioning experience,” said Michael Glynn, Vice President of Digital Automated Innovation, PCCW Global.

“Through the Console Connect ecosystem and our global network coverage, we will work with NEXTDC to bring Australian businesses closer to Asia and the rest of the world.

“Similarly, Console Connect users will enjoy seamless access across Australia by using the AXON platform.”

The company revealed that both interconnection platforms use private and dedicated connections that are separate from the public Internet.

The Console Connect automated fabric makes use of PCCW Global’s carrier IP backbone and MPLS network, which spans more than 3,000 cities and 160 countries worldwide.

David Dzienciol, Chief Customer and Commercial Officer, NEXTDC, said, “Our customers are leaning on their digital infrastructure and networks more than ever.

“Ensuring they are securely and directly interconnected with the clouds and IT services that underpin their Hybrid/Multi-Cloud strategy is a critical role NEXTDC plays.

“Teaming AXON with Console Connect’s Network-as-a-Service platform forms a powerful, globally available ecosystem that will deliver the reliable, secure and easy-to-manage interconnectivity that businesses are increasingly relying on.”

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