Chayora's hyperscale data centre in China goes live

Chayora's hyperscale data centre in China goes live

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Chayora Limited has begun live operations at its first hyperscale data centre in China.

The company said that the data centre is ready for service, featuring up to 25,000 racks and accessing over 300 MVA of power available to serve the company’s hyperscale requirements on its wider Chayora campus.

Chayora’s new 80-acre campus, equivalent to 61 standard football fields, is one of the biggest data centre campuses in the world, according to the company.

Strategically located at the heart of Northern China ​in the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Tri-state Region, the company added that it caters to the growing focuses on artificial intelligence, financial services and high technology sectors.

“We are thrilled to open the first facility on our ‘China-scale’ data centre campus to serve the Greater Beijing today,” said Oliver Jones, CEO of Chayora.

“Cloud and carrier-neutral with global connectivity and built to Chayora’s exacting international standards, we offer exceptional data centre capacity that scales to suit. 

“I hope that potential customers attending our launch event today will see the difference in person or through viewing our unique fly-through and enjoy experiencing the future of data centres in China.”

The Chayora facility has just been confirmed as the first OCP Ready data centre in China.

The site was officially opened at a live ceremony in Tianjin, with a global virtual launch held simultaneously. 

Kitty Fok, MD of IDC China, spoke at the opening ceremony on the market demand being targeted.

Fok said businesses operating in China require scalable data centre infrastructure to accelerate digital transformation and the economic recovery in China post COVID-19 of 3.2%, according to IDC, is underpinned by the Chinese Government’s new infrastructure investment policies.

The facility is both carrier and cloud-neutral, with multiple network operators supporting low latency data transmission to Beijing’s Central Business District at <2ms per round trip, according to the company.

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