GlobalConnect Carrier – the new one-stop shop for Nordic connectivity
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GlobalConnect Carrier – the new one-stop shop for Nordic connectivity


Pär Jansson Head of Carrier Sales. A truly Nordic carrier with international reach.

Q.For those unaware, talk to us about GlobalConnect’s decision to launch a new carrier and what were the key drivers?

Our home market, The Nordics, has surfaced as a geography with a large appetite for infrastructure and capacity. Two key drivers are the largescale data center investments and the ever increasing need for bandwidth caused by traffic flowing through the Nordics from Asia and Russia.

The merger between GlobalConnect and IP-Only has posed a unique opportunity to combine two strong networks into one, removing borders for our clients and creating a one-stop shop.

Our customers are looking for a combination of a strong and relevant footprint combined with high expertise and local presence – all of this we can now provide, at an international scale.

Given our long history as the provider of choice for system integrators, operators and tech giants active in Northern Europe, we felt confident in that we have created a perfect match.

Q.What are the key differentiators between GlobalConnect Carrier’s new offering and that of its competitors?

Our solution is different than our competitors. In this truly Nordic set up we will still stay extremely strong locally, with experts in each country who know their market and that understand our customers business.

What our customers will see is one contact, one solution and one company. Regardless of whether they need our help in northern Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland. Or for that matter in Amsterdam, Paris or in London.

And by the way, this is merely the beginning.

Q.How is GlobalConnect keeping its customers at the centre of its of offerings?

Customer focus is one of the core values at GlobalConnect overall, and when it comes to our Carrier business we can proudly say that customer satisfaction is the core value. Looking at it from a historical perspective we have an NPS of more than 50 which really shows the dedication we have tending to our customer’s needs. And we have no intention of changing that focus but to rather aim higher.

In addition, comes our ability to rapidly grow our infrastructure with our customer demands. We have the capability to both offer standardized services that align with industry standards but to also tailor solutions to the customers that needs it.

Q.How will GlobalConnect leverage its global assets for the benefit of its customers?

During the years we have completely reformed the Nordics when it comes to infrastructure, creating a unique climate. But one thing that we can leverage in addition to our network is our easy customer experience that removes all borders for the client.

Q.How does GlobalConnect’s unique position support its offering?

The Carrier business is where it all started for us 20 years ago and our relationship with our customers have grown in to trusted partnerships over the years, throughout all of the Nordics. We know the network, the customers, their challenges and we are confident that we can provide the solutions.

We have been around for a while and help our customers across the Nordic countries – but it’s not up until now that we have created this pan-nordic carrier offering.

Q.What are GlobalConnect Carriers strategic priorities for 2021?

We are going to continue to invest in infrastructure and to expand our network. Both regarding a backbone perspective as well as granular access network, in the region and at the same time through geographical expansion where we aim to strengthen our presence in the major European hubs.

However, our priority will always be our customers and our ambition is crystal clear. We aim to make a major difference, both in business and in the daily lives, for all our customers.

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