EllaLink, Equinix partner for data centres in Lisbon, Madrid and São Paulo

EllaLink, Equinix partner for data centres in Lisbon, Madrid and São Paulo

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EllaLink has entered into an agreement with Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX) to open three interconnection and managed colocation PoPs in Equinix data centres in Madrid, Lisbon and São Paulo.

The PoPs will be connected to the EllaLink landing site in Sines, and onwards, over two diverse terrestrial routes.

A low latency link will be established to connect to the Equinix data centres, avoiding the traditional subsea route via North America and significantly reducing round trip delay.

The company said that this new link between the European and Brazilian data centres of Equinix will increase connectivity between the two continents at a time of market growth in Latin America.

“Offering one hop connections between Latin America and Europe with a round trip delay of 60ms is a game changer from a transatlantic latency perspective,” said Diego Matas, Chief Operating Officer of EllaLink.

“By offering carrier neutral connections from our PoP locations in Equinix’s data centers we are enabling our customers to directly access the rich ecosystems of networks, clouds, and financial and IT service providers that Equinix host.”

EllaLink will be ready for service in spring 2021, and is set to create a high capacity direct fibre path between the two continents.

Jim Poole, Vice President, Business Development at Equinix said, “Given the increase in data between developing and developed markets, digital businesses demand access to high-capacity, low latency networks.

“The availability of the EllaLink cable system in Equinix’s São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon and Madrid data centres provides direct access between these markets to support the growing interconnection needs of global customers.”

EllaLink also announced that one of its interconnection points will be located in Madrid, Spain at Interxion: A Digital Realty Company’s data centre campus.

As part of its PoP to PoP strategy, EllaLink will open a point of presence within Interxion’s Madrid data centre campus, which comprises of three facilities in very close proximity to one another.

The EllaLink network, which is scheduled to go live in spring 2021, will create a data centre to data centre route between Europe and Latin America.

Diego Mata, Chief Operating Officer of EllaLink commented: “Opening a new data corridor from Europe to Latin America will greatly improve transatlantic diversity, providing a direct route between the two continents. Ensuring our customers can connect easily on a neutral basis to our network is another key part of EllaLink’s strategy.

“The cable system will be extended from Sines, via Lisbon, over our diverse long-haul network to create open access interconnection points in Madrid.

“By selecting Interxion Madrid as part of our network we are enabling connection with the 150+ networks and content providers present at their carrier-neutral campus.”

Onward connectivity to Africa, the Middle East and Asia will be provided via Interxion’s campus in Marseille.

“The EllaLink subsea cable system provides a new internet highway between Europe and Latin America,” said Mike Hollands, Senior Director Market Development at Interxion.

“Our community of customers will greatly value the diversity it offers from existing routes, together with the faster, more direct connectivity that it will provide to and from Latin America.”

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