Telefónica's ElevenPaths partners Subex for enhanced IoT security capabilities

Telefónica's ElevenPaths partners Subex for enhanced IoT security capabilities

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Telefónica's cybersecurity subsidiary, ElevenPaths has inked a global partnership agreement with Subex to deliver its IoT Threats Detection service globally.

The monitoring and incident response service will use machine learning and specific IoT/OT threat intelligence techniques to profile the behaviour of IoT devices and associated networks, making it possible to detect and respond to anomalies or cyberattacks that may affect the different end-to-end elements in IoT.

"The vast majority of our customers from almost any sector we focus on have launched − or will launch in the short term − projects and initiatives where IoT technologies are the key,” said Alberto Sempere (pictured), product and go-to-market director at ElevenPaths.

“While the possibilities in terms of new services and efficiency improvements are huge, they also mean greater exposure to security risks that need to be properly managed. This agreement with Subex allows us to provide a best-in-class monitoring and incident response service for IoT environments."

The service is fed by a global network of honeypots – a decoy system designed to be the target of an attack to detect it and gather more information - specialised in IoT/OT. This network is distributed globally in over 60 locations and covers more than 500 different system architectures, processing on average 10 million sophisticated cyberattacks every day.

"Our partnership with ElevenPaths is built around affording businesses a new class of enterprise security that spans environments, devices, cybersecurity strategies, and regional and global threats to deliver true cyber-resilience that is deep, robust and sustainable,” added Kiran Zachariah, vice president of digital security at Subex.   

“We are excited by the possibilities that this alliance brings forth specifically in areas such as jointly equipping businesses to deal with the existing and emerging cyber threats with a high level of confidence and assurance."

Telefónica's experience in network management enables access to traffic information that will be later analysed using Subex's capabilities. In addition, customers can receive all the benefits of a managed service through the Telefónica operations expertise, relaying on the ElevenPaths' security operations centre.

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