Scaleway unveils second availability zone in Paris

Scaleway unveils second availability zone in Paris


Public cloud provider Scaleway has announced a second availability zone in Paris (PAR2).

The availability zone is hosted at Scaleway’s data centre in Paris. The company has six data centres in three regions (Paris, Amsterdam and Warsaw).

The company said the availability zone will allow companies to deploy their applications and infrastructures in a region designed for high environmental performance and across multiple availability zones separated by over 10km within one region.

“Our natural air process and adiabatic cooling systems are the first of their kind in France,” said Arnaud de Bermigham, President of Scaleway.

“The servers are cooled by a simple air current connected to water evaporation. This adiabatic process allows for an extremely low PUE 1 of 1.15.

“DC5 consumes up to 40% less energy than most data centres and is powered exclusively by renewable energy.

“It is, therefore, a “zero-carbon” infrastructure, which is far different from a “carbon neutral” strategy which can be achieved via a compensation policy.

“Our innovative approach allows us to combine technological and energy performance to meet the needs of companies that are increasingly concerned about their environmental footprint.”

The company revealed that its users can now deploy Virtual Instances (GP1) or Bare Metal servers in PAR2 and use Object Storage services.

 All the standard services of Scaleway’s public cloud ecosystem, such as load balancers, managed databases, Block Storage and Kapsule Kubernetes is set to be available too, according to the company.

Earlier this week, Scaleway announced the expansion of its European presence with a new region in Warsaw, Poland.

The company said that the new cloud region is in a Polish data centre, and will meet the growing demands of the Eastern European market. Scaleway is already present in Europe with five data centres in two regions.

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