SSE expansion to deliver 100Gbps connectivity in UK

SSE expansion to deliver 100Gbps connectivity in UK


SSE Enterprise Telecoms is executing an expansion programme that will see it delivery 100Gbps and 10Gbps services to businesses across the UK.

The plans will also facilitate 5G rollouts and aid in the deployment of next-gen connectivity technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Further, by almost doubling the number of unbundled BT Exchanges in just over a year, SSE will be able to deliver high capacity fibre services to 80% of UK business premises.

CEO Colin Sempill, said: “Our business is continuing to deliver significant network expansion, bringing high-capacity connectivity to business premises across the UK, as well as helping to facilitate 5G rollouts and futureproof the UK’s digital ambitions.

“Over the next couple of years our ambition is to provide high capacity services from at least 750 unbundled BT Exchanges, offering a plethora of cost-effective connectivity solutions nationally.”

SSE Enterprise Telecoms is also delivering connectivity to Three UK, with 198 exchanges already deployed, and another 259 due to be available soon. Three UK is set to utilise the expanded exchange footprint to enhance its existing 4G and to create new 5G networks.

Upon completion SSE Enterprise Telecoms will have a high-capacity fibre network spanning over 30,000 km, a network it said will put it in “prime position to facilitate the UK’s high-capacity digital first ambitions”.

Sarah Mills, sector director for network operators at SSE Enterprise Telecoms added: “By significantly investing in our network and unbundling these BT Exchanges we will help the UK achieve its digital ambition to become fully 5G ready. The applications enabled by 5G technology, such as IIoT, are a core component of enabling Industry 4.0 and will pave the way for the successful future of our economy.

“By laying infrastructure today, we will ensure the futureproofing of our nation tomorrow. This next phase of our expansion has more aggressive scale and delivery timelines than ever before. Our vision to support UK innovation is anchored in 5G and edge computing, which supports some of the UK’s key digital strategic goals. And we’re just getting started.”

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