Telefónica Deutschland selects Blue Planet to build automated network

Telefónica Deutschland selects Blue Planet to build automated network

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Telefónica Deutschland has chosen software from Blue Planet to upgrade its network in Germany to support growing data traffic and bandwidth demands from users.

Telefónica Deutschland is readying its transport network with open, software-defined network (SDN) orchestration and a partially disaggregated multi-vendor optical network architecture to transform network operations and improve the delivery of new services.

“Telefónica is moving away from legacy single-vendor platforms to a model combining best-of-breed solutions from multiple vendors, enabling us to maintain diversity in our network and avoid depending on one vendor,” said Cayetano Carbajo Martín (pictured), global director of technology at Telefónica GCTIO.

“In Germany, Blue Planet’s software executes our SDN program to enable not only multivendor transport but also automation of our network.”

For its part, Blue Planet will enable Telefónica Deutschland to lower its operating expenses while optimising its network to offer services such as 5G, video streaming and online gaming.

The forms part of Telefónica’s iFusion program, which is focused on using SDN to transform its transport network in Germany to improve the customer experience.

“Telefónica Deutschland is taking strategic steps to support its users’ demands for 5G, cloud services, artificial intelligence and more,” added Rick Hamilton, senior vice president at Blue Planet.

“Blue Planet’s intelligent automation software differentiates, disrupts and transforms Telefónica Deutschland’s network to adapt and deliver measurable business outcomes.”

Specifically, Blue Planet’s Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) software enables Telefónica Deutschland to rapidly create, deploy and automate end-to-end service delivery across its new multi-vendor transport network.

While the Open Rest APIs from MDSO simplify integration with other components of Telefónica Deutschland’s Operations Support System (OSS) to align the network with needs of different applications.

The upgraded network uses open standard models, including the transport application programming interface (T-API) and OpenConfig, with Blue Planet MDSO.

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