Ascenty connects to all cable landing stations in Brazil

Ascenty connects to all cable landing stations in Brazil

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Latin American data centre provider Ascenty has confirmed that it will connect all of its Cable Landing Stations (CLS) by the end of 2020.

All subsea cables currently in operation in Brazil will be connected to Ascenty’s fibre optic network, connected to three CLS: Praia Grande in São Paulo, Praia do Futuro, in Ceará, and Rio de Janeiro.

In addition, Asecnty will also connected two other systems that go live by the end of the year. The Malbec Cable, linking Brazil and Argentina, and EllaLink, connecting Brazil and Europe.

All Ascenty data centres are connected to the new NAP Brazil, forming a complete end-to-end connectivity ecosystem.

“This scenario will give us the perfect interconnection environment for our customers, who are looking for a low-latency, high-capacity interconnection,” said Marcos Siqueira, vice president of operations at Ascenty.

“In addition to connectivity with all cable landing stations, we also have the Network Access Point (NAP), which are one or more points with high connectivity potential and access to the world’s leading carriers.”

In addition to creating a routing point for international carriers within Ascenty, it also ensures the highest levels of transport between CLS stations and the data centres, delivering a high-quality connection, very low latency as well as international reach.

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