Orange to take over Deutsche Telekom Romanian operations

Orange to take over Deutsche Telekom Romanian operations

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Orange and the Romanian Ministry of Transport and Communications have signed an agreement in principle to take over Telekom Romania’s fixed line operations.

Sources close to the deal say that the soon to be acquired assets of the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary will be used to create a new entity in which the Romanian state will hold a 20% stake.

Further the newly signed memorandum of understanding between Orange and the Romanian government relates to shares held by the Greek telco OTE in the former Romtelecom, not the former Cosmote.

According to sources quoted by, Telekom Romania’s mobile operations could be acquired by DIGI / RCS & RDS, a local fixed communications operator.

The news comes after claims Orange is seeking to compete with the likes of Vodafone as a complete provider of fixed-mobile services in Romania, after it acquired UPC Romania.

Conversely, RCS & RDS equally needs to develop its mobile telephony and mobile internet, which could be solved by taking over the former Cosmote.

In related news, Orange Romania became the first country market within the Orange Group to commercially launch 5G.

In addition to offering customers internet download speeds of up to 1.2Gbps and average download speeds of 600Mbps, a complete portfolio of services and devices have been designed to enhance the 5G experience for its customers.