Liquid Telecom rebrands South African operations in ‘strategic repositioning’

Liquid Telecom rebrands South African operations in ‘strategic repositioning’

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Liquid Telecom has rebranded its South African operations in what it calls a “strategic repositioning”.

The name change, to Liquid Intelligent Technologies, does not affect other operations in the group, which has offices in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and a number of other African countries, as well as the UK and the United Arab Emirates.

CEO Nic Rudnick (pictured), said that in 2018: “Liquid Telecom South Africa … embarked on a journey to adapt its operating model as the company began the transition towards becoming Africa’s leading digital services provider.”

In those two years it “has grown to become an industry leader, building Africa’s best network and providing the open access network that has resulted in 5G being available throughout [South Africa]”.

The renaming follows Liquid’s African Data Centres company buying Samrand, a South African data centre operator, earlier in 2020, he added.

“Liquid Telecom is in the position to reshape the South African technology industry, and to fully realise its market position as a digital service provider of choice for businesses locally,” he added.

He said Liquid Telecom is now in a transition period. “The company needs to develop people and improve organisational maturity that will enable us to operate in our intelligent technology business to generate immediate and sustainable value to our current and future shareholders and exceed our customer expectations to be more competitive in our industry.”

He added: “Our structures, skills and capabilities need to be rapidly developed and augmented to effectively exceed the expectations of our customers.”

A subsidiary of Zimbabwe’s Econet Global, Liquid Telecom has 70,000km of fibre and operates data centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Nairobi, with a combined potential 19,000 sq m of rack space and 78MW of power.






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