Indigo Telecom Group unveils global expansion plans

Indigo Telecom Group unveils global expansion plans

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Indigo Telecom Group is to embark on an expansion and acquisition drive as part of its ambitions to achieve “£100 million plus” in revenues in the next three years.

The business will expand across its established markets of the UK, Ireland, France and Germany and there are plans to open operations in Singapore and Spain. The drive could see a headcount increase of up to 30%, as the workforce expands in tandem.

Speaking to Capacity, chairman Kevin Taylor MBE ,said there could be several acquisitions on the cards.

Taylor commented: “We were a £30 million business, we’re now a £50 million business annualised. Our plan is to get to £100 million plus in the next three years. We already have very strong operations, and we’ve got ambition. So far the plan is going very well.”

According to Taylor the plan will combine organic and acquisition-based growth in the new markets, as the business continues to expand across all operations. “If we can get an accelerator we will do and we will find some sweet spots and some companies to acquire along the way.

“Equally around the data centre area and network optimisation, companies are going to add value to our business and we’re very keen for that to happen. If it’s in Europe fantastic, if it’s in Asia, great. We’re looking and we are in the market to purchase a few.

“At the moment I wouldn’t say there is a massive number of companies saying ‘please buy me’. We need to find the right ones and make sure we find the appropriate commercial deals together,” he explained.

The news followed Indigo’s 2017 acquisition of Belcom247 and 2019 acquisition of 4site in Ireland, the latter of which allowed Indigo to roll out new design capabilities across the UK and Europe. On reflection Taylor said: “They were strongest on the design piece and now we are rolling out that capability across the UK and Europe.

“The success of that company in terms of design has been amazing and now we have integrated it with the build and support side, so it has been very effective. We could never have got to that position without acquiring 4site,” he added.  

This time, the focus will fall on building capabilities in several existing and new areas of operation, driven by demand for 5G, edge data centre services, managed services and data centre interconnect.

“When we look at our stream by stream model, definitely optimisation is a skill set we need to strengthen. Data centre design is an area I want to get our skills up in, as well in terms of IoT and the other new technologies.

“We are already working with a number of tower companies, micro data centres, mobile data centres. All that space is something that is quite exciting,” Taylor added.





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