Superba, NEC ink global marine industry deal

Subsea cable boat sea vessel NEW .jpeg

NEC Enterprise Solutions (NEC) has signed a business partner agreement with Superba TLC (Superba) to collaborate on global marine industry solutions.

Leveraging the experience and expertise of the Superba team with NEC’s expansive portfolio of solutions the two have strengthened and expanded the offering of new solutions for global marine customers.

For example, new and existing Cruise Line customers now have access to high-quality and future-proof support for their IT and Communication solutions.

"Formalising our existing relationship with NEC is an extremely positive step forward for us, as it enables the group to explore and capitalise on new opportunities in the Global Marine business,” said Stefano Giuffredi, chairman of Superba TLC.

“NEC is a global leader in many facets of technology, and we are confident their solutions will enable all our customers to enjoy many business benefits.”

NEC has developed a portfolio well suited for the Cruise Line industry that includes a IP-DECT wireless solution, designed for ocean going vessels.

In addition, health and safety alarm messaging applications and location services help to keep the crew and passengers safe.

As for Superba, as a telecoms global system integrator particularly for the Global marine industry, NEC as a provider of communications & IT solutions, is a natural fit.

NEC offers a range of enterprise communications solutions including small to large scale systems that supports enterprise and SMB customers whose requirements span from traditional TDM to full (S)IP and 100% software-based deployments.

"The knowledge and experience of Superba TLC with regard to the NEC VoIP platforms, UC&C applications, contact centres and mobility solutions are invaluable, as well as their insights, customer focus and market position in the Global Marine Industry,” said Karien Ciggaar, sales director of global marine at NEC Enterprise Solutions EMEA.

“Expertise, drive and reliability are common core values of our organisations and that is reflected in our partnership."