Tampnet and Megaport deliver cloud connectivity in the Nordics

Tampnet and Megaport deliver cloud connectivity in the Nordics

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Tampnet Carrier has entered into a partnership with Megaport to deliver enhanced cloud connectivity in the Nordics.

Under the terms of the collaboration, Tampnet customers will have access to over 350 service providers on the Megaport platform including global cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and others.

“With direct connection via Megaport’s network Tampnet brings all the largest cloud providers closer to the Nordic market,” said Cato Lammenes, managing director of Tampnet Carrier.

“We can quickly and easily provision a service without the usual siloed and complex configuration tasks. We can now get you almost instantly connected to world class cloud services, managed services and data centres.

“Customers can move their data fast and securely in our low latency and high capacity network with many optional routes in and out of the Nordics.”


Using Megaport’s SDN, Tampnet’s customers can reach the cloud from wherever they are and easily transfer data between global locations.

This includes customers that are outside of a cloud onramp location or nowhere near the data centres that house major providers.

As a result, Tampnet customers can now connect between metros, countries and continents, scale their business to new markets and create a multi-region network.

Specifically, Tampnet’s customers in the offshore oil & gas industry will also benefit from a flexible cloud connectivity solution, which is key for the digital and green transformation of the industry.

“We are excited by our collaboration with Tampnet, who have established a very strong business serving the offshore oil and gas sector, a unique proposition that Megaport compliments and enhances,” adds Peter Hase, chief commercial officer at Megaport.

“This partnership extends into this key business sector across the Nordics and supports the value-added cloud services for digital transformation and highly important research for the region.”

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