SD-WAN transforming as WAN Wednesdays move to Spotify

SD-WAN transforming as WAN Wednesdays move to Spotify

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SD-WAN deployments have transformed over the past few years from being solely network-centric to being security-centric and applications-centric.

Lloyd Noronha, head of SD-WAN Marketing at Cisco, said in this week’s WAN Wednesday podcast from Capacity that “there has been a huge change” in SD-WAN deployment over the last six or seven years.

“The first deployments were very traditional, by the network team,” said Noronha. They focused on centralised management, “but now we’re seeing a transformation, and it’s not just network-centric.”

Companies are using SD-WAN to improve Microsoft 365 performance, he added, “and they are wanting to make sure cloud and internet access is omnipresent across the enterprise, but without higher vulnerability and threats.



 At the same time, Capacity and the whole telecoms division at Euromoney, of which Capacity is a part, are delighted to announce that all WAN Wednesday podcasts since the series started in mid-March are now available on Spotify, without registration.

All podcasts, which run for 20 minutes each, continue to be available on the website as well as on Spotify.

The next, available live on 13 May and as a recording afterwards, will feature Michael Martin, network and security architect at McKinsey. You can register here.




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