Don’t leave security as an SD-WAN afterthought: WAN Wednesday speaker

Don’t leave security as an SD-WAN afterthought: WAN Wednesday speaker

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Security is not an afterthought for companies installing SD-WAN – it needs to be covered upfront.

That was the motto for enterprises and SD-WAN suppliers this week from Mahesh Bommareddy, senior director of product management at Juniper Networks.

Bommareddy was a guest in the latest WAN Wednesday webinar/podcast from Capacity Media’s WAN Summits.

“You need to start thinking about SD-WAN and security together,” he said in the 20-minute webinar, which is available free online. “And customers have the ability to apply the right security for the traffic.”

Bommareddy was talking about moving beyond SD-WAN towards an AI-driven enterprise. “How do I get better economy? Can I use multiple providers? How can I connect to clouds with security policies? SD-WAN lets you do that.”

Bommareddy’s conversation was transmitted live on 8 April, but will remain on the website.


A week earlier, on 1 April, Sander Barens, chief commercial officer of Expereo, asked in his webinar what SD-WAN would mean for MPLS networks. “Are they redundant,” he asked.

Barens noted that home working because of Coronavirus has made the case more urgent for many enterprises. “Home working was always something we could do at Expereo. Working from home is a very natural thing to do.” In all conversations with colleagues “we turn the video on – and it’s almost business as usual”.

MPLS is still used in 90% of enterprise sites, he said, quoting a market survey by TeleGeography, Capacity Media’s partner in the WAN Summit series.

“MPLS has been the dominant technology for wide area networks for 20 years or so,” said Barens. But now how do you use it for a workforce who can be anywhere? “Companies have an existing MPLS environment but they are on some sort of digital transformation journey,” he said


All WAN Wednesday webinars are available free from

The WAN Wednesday guest on 15 April will be IT consultant Serge van Tuil

Opengear will be the guest for the following WAN Wednesday, on 22 April.



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