Seaborn and EdgeUno deliver free IP offering in response to Coronavirus

Seaborn and EdgeUno deliver free IP offering in response to Coronavirus

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Seaborn Networks has announced that it is supporting EdgeUno to offer 90 days of free Internet connectivity across their respective Americas networks in the wake of the Coronavirus.

This free service is being offered to non-profit/not-for-profit organisations, educational programs, state and municipal governments, public health care providers and non-government organisations.

“Providing free Internet connectivity is our way of supporting communities in the Americas to quickly implement government-recommended social distancing guidelines,” said Mehmet Akcin, CEO of EdgeUno. “Access to high capacity Internet will hopefully help local, state and regional institutions in this challenging environment.”

This free internet connectivity is offered during the next 90 days to help qualifying organisations accelerate remote learning, work-from-home, governance, support, medicine and research.

At present this is available within the EdgeUno-Seaborn partnership network, which includes the Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Peru.

“By alleviating this particular financial constraint in the provision of IP, we hope to reduce the strain on these organisations to enable them to execute on their respective missions during this health crisis,” said Seaborn’s CEO Larry Schwartz.

At the start of the year, Seaborn Networks announced the launch of six new high-capacity connectivity locations from its Seabras-1 IP Network to global internet exchanges.

The first is in Amsterdam at AMS-IX facility, the second is the DE-CIX exchange in Frankfurt and the third is the London Internet Exchange (LINX), all of which went live on January 6 2020.

The remaining three locations are the Equinix internet exchange (SV1) in San Jose, the Coresite Any2 internet exchange in Los Angeles and the Equinix internet exchange in Ashburn (DC4) went live at the end of January 2020.