TTI and PCCW Global launch enterprise SD-WAN services

TTI and PCCW Global launch enterprise SD-WAN services

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Türk Telekom International (TTI) and PCCW Global have entered into a long-term master service agreement for the two to provision SD-WAN services for its enterprise customers.

Provisioning these SD-WAN services will reduce unnecessary traffic over MPLS networks and enable the secure, efficient use of online cloud service while providing more capacity for mission-critical applications.

“This collaboration will allow TTI to extend the reach and deployment of its services on a worldwide basis by making use of PCCW Global’s SD-WAN capabilities, while at the same time, PCCW Global can now extend the reach of its service portfolios to a greater geographic area across Turkey, Eastern and Central Europe where TTI has presence,” said Sameh Sobhy, vice president of  Middle East, Turkey and Africa, PCCW Global.

Under the terms of the collaboration, the SD-WAN service will use broadband internet connectivity, dual-edge, distributed gateways and multiple connectivity options. In addition, an end-to-end management portal will provide complete control with zero-touch provisioning, delivering the security and bandwidth required.

“In our complex business environment, Türk Telekom International continually assesses the compatibility of its strategy for each product and service, so by adding the SD-WAN service in collaboration with PCCW Global to TTI’s current product range, enterprise customers will experience cost effective, secure, policy-driven transport and improved performance,” said Sükrü Kutlu (pictured), group CEO of Türk Telekom International.

In the past, enterprises would connect its regional location over an MPLS network infrastructure, bypassing the public internet and only providing online applications from a centralised and often company-manged server.

The growth and demand for innovative online cloud services from a range of international service providers requires more advanced, flexible and intelligent options delivered by SD-WAN services.

In related news, at the start of the year Türk Telekom restored internet access after a cyber-attack caused connectivity problems for the company. The company did not disclose who was behind the attacks.

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