GCX and Sparkle extend FA-1 cable partnership

GCX and Sparkle extend FA-1 cable partnership

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Global Cloud Exchange (GCX) and Sparkle have extended their partnership by adding new spectrum capacity over the Flag Atlantic (FA-1) subsea cable connecting Paris and London to New York.

Under the terms of the agreement, GCX will provide an additional terabyte of capacity on the current transatlantic route, therefore enabling Sparkle to offer faster and more reliable City2City connect and Seabone IP Transit services. 

City2City gives customers autonomous control over the network as well as the ability for them to build their own connectivity platforms. Whereas Seabone is Sparkle’s IP Transit service that gives ISPs, content providers and accelerators with access to the global internet.

“By partnering with GCX we significantly enhanced our connectivity offer between Europe and the Americas,” said Daniele Mancuso, chief marketing solutions and business development officer at Sparkle. “GCX’s network gives us unparalleled access to secure and stable bandwidth.”

This extended collaboration, builds on a long-standing partnership between the two companies. In 2016, the two first acquired capacity on the FA-1 cable in addition closed a strategic capacity deal on Sea-Me-We-5, which will run between Europe and Asia.

“We are thrilled to extend our strong partnership with Sparkle,” said Rory Cole, CEO of GCX. “We remain fully committed to ensuring our customers and partners have access to an agile, resilient, and expansive network. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Sparkle as their trusted bandwidth provider, enabling them to provide worldwide connectivity seamlessly and efficiently to their customers.”

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