Cybernetica and Cloud Carib join forces to bring digital government to the Caribbean

Cybernetica and Cloud Carib join forces to bring digital government to the Caribbean

Reneldo Russell Cloud Caribs Client Delivery Executive for Public Sector meets with Arne Ansper XRoad brainchild and Head of Development of Cybernetica in.jpg

Cybernetica and Cloud Carib have signed an agreement to implement a secure data exchange based on the Unified eXchange Platform (UXP) for pilot projects in the Caribbean region.

[Left to right: Reneldo Russell Cloud Carib's client delivery executive for public sector meets with Arne Ansper XRoad brainchild and head of development at Cybernetica in Estonia]

Both companies revealed that the main goal of the cooperation between Cybernetica the Caribbean cloud services provider is to set up a fault-tolerant and secure data exchange network that will enable governments in the region to establish edge e-government solutions. The Caribbean archipelago encompasses more than 7,000 islands in an approximately 1 million square mile area.

“Signing this agreement is a statement of intent that we are committed to working towards making integrated regional transformation happen in a very practical way through the provision of dedicated e-government solutions,” said Eamonn Sheehy, Cloud Carib’s Director of Public Sector.

“The implementation of these technologies will save governments, commercial operators and citizens’ time, money, help provide businesses and citizens with better more transparent and efficient services. These are all things that enable countries to progress, not just digitally but in many other societal facets.”

Sheehy added that the company’s intent is to develop a strong foundation for local governments to establish e-government environments and improve the availability of e-services for their citizens.

These pilot projects are set to lay the groundwork for the implementation of an interconnected Caribbean, with the company revealing that they will also provide a foundation for local e-governments based on Estonian expertise, and experience adding practical solutions to augment the vision of a single Caribbean ICT space.

“We began working with Cloud Carib in 2018, we’re glad to now celebrate moving on to the next step of the project phase with the integration of state registries,” said Riho Kurg, Head of Data Exchange Technologies at Cybernetica.

“Our cooperation provides an excellent chance to build secure and transparent data exchange on the governmental levels as Cloud Carib is already involved with several governments in the Caribbean region.

“We are honoured to support the aspirations of regional governments towards becoming a digital transformation leader with our experience in data interoperability and e-government solutions.”

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