ZTE and China Telecom deploy 5G remote diagnosis for coronavirus treatment

ZTE and China Telecom deploy 5G remote diagnosis for coronavirus treatment

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ZTE and the Sichuan Branch of China Telecom have deployed China's first 5G remote diagnosis of new coronavirus pneumonia supported with the latest 5G technology.

Leveraging 5G with its high bandwidth and low latency enables the diagnosis and treatment of the coronavirus more efficient and convenient. The 5G remote diagnosis involves West China Hospital and Chengdu Public Health Clinic Center of Sichuan University.

ZTE has rolled out its CPE equipment to commission 5G services by means of outdoor 5G signals while constructing indoor coverage points. In addition, as of January 25, 5G indoor base stations were built and interconnected, and the conference room in West China Hospital was first connected to the remote diagnosis and treatment system. On January 26 ZTE completed the build of its 5G indoor distribution system for the remote diagnosis and treatment system.

Additionally, under the terms of the arrangement with the Sichuan Health and Health Commission, the 5G remote consultation system will take West China Hospital of Sichuan University as the central node and be the first batch to access 27 hospitals that have accepted and treated patients.

The next steps for ZTE are to build China's first new 5G remote diagnosis coronavirus infection system covering the Sichuan province, city, and county. Looking ahead ZTE says that it will carry out video consultations with the Wuhan front-line medical team using the 5G network, so that critical patients in Wuhan have access to expert diagnosis and treatment services in the West China Hospital.

Earlier this month ZTE announced plans to raise $1.66 billion in a private share placement in order to fund 5G research. The company says that the funds will come from 10 subscribers, all of which are “independent professional or institutional investors in China”.

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