Telstra and Equinix partner on multicloud connectivity

Greg Adgate - Equinix NEW.jpg

Equinix and Telstra are collaborating to enhance Telstra’s integration with Platform Equinix to give its enterprise customers multicloud network connectivity to more than 170 service providers in 38 global markets.

“As customers scale delivery of their enterprise applications by leveraging leading cloud providers across new markets, the deeper integration of Telstra Programmable Network (TPN)—our SDN platform—with Platform Equinix provides our customers a unique, ability to provision cloud connectivity services within minutes to 170 providers across 38 locations globally,” said Sanjay Nayak, product and service design director, global connectivity and platforms, product and technology, Telstra. “TPN allows our customers to build secure, reliable and predictable performance for their applications, which in turn drives acceleration of business outcomes through improved employee productivity.”

To meet the growing need for on-demand, secure connectivity to a customers chosen cloud, Telstra’s Programmable Network (TPN) is using Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric) to enable customers to create private multicloud network connections to cloud providers in a matter of minutes.

“With a large density of cloud providers, including the major cloud providers available via ECX Fabric, Platform Equinix is an ideal global interconnection platform for partners to connect privately and securely to multicloud solutions,” added Greg Adgate (pictured), vice president, global partnerships & alliances, Equinix. “By partnering with Telstra to combine TPN with our global interconnection capabilities and rich ecosystems of cloud providers, customers can accelerate digital transformation projects with on-demand access to multiple clouds and other service and IT providers anytime, anywhere and on any device.”

Through this deeper integration of ECX Fabric Telstra also enables its customers to access cloud service providers via IaaS, PaaS, Saas, UCaaS, DDoS mitigation and data storage as-a-service providers to name a few. In addition, Telstra will also leverage ECX Fabric to expand the geographical reach of TPN into new markets across North America and Europe.

“With TPN we’re able to connect to all the clouds we need in a matter of minutes,” said Lawrence Pan, technical director of Telstra customer Cloudmax. “This is a huge improvement over the more traditional ways Taiwan customers used to connect to clouds. Gone are the days of waiting weeks to connect to a new cloud or to upgrade our bandwidth.”