Angola Cables and CTM sign MoU for digital cross continent collaboration

Angola Cables and CTM sign MoU for digital cross continent collaboration

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Angola Cables and CTM have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to deliver new digital business opportunities between Macau, Mainland China, African Portuguese-speaking countries and Brazil.

[Left to right: Vandy Poon, CEO of CTM and António Nunes, CEO Angola Cables]

Through this collaboration, the two companies plan to create opportunities to link the Greater Bay Area to Africa and the Americas as well as Portuguese-speaking countries.

‘’Expanding connectivity across the southern hemisphere has the potential to unlock the many advantages and benefits brought about by secure, digital access – from the promotion of foreign trade to robust economic development,” says António Nunes, CEO, Angola Cables. “Advancing technology in subsea cables networks have provided a backbone to support data centres and digital ecosystems that will connect our new, digitally-driven world.”

According to Nunes, partnerships such as this one can be fundamental in developing digital ecosystems in Africa and help close the gap between the continent and the rest of the world. He also believes that CTM and Macau could play an important part in creating further links to the Orient.

Echoing this sentiment, Vandy Poon CEO of CTM said that the cooperation between the two reflects the company’s ability to maximise on its position in Macau’s Greater Bay Area and the One Belt One Road initiative. Because of this and its ability to act as a gateway between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, CTM is able to explore new investment and business opportunities and markets.

As the incumbent telecoms service provider in Macau, CTM will leverage its international network as well as Macau’s beneficial position in the Greater Bay Area as a key hub for the digitalisation of the Asia-Pacific region.

For its part, Angola will use its cross Atlantic subsea cable, as well as its footprint of data centres in Angola and Brazil.

In related news, Angola Cables recently secured a partnership with Vox that will enhance its core network by attaining remote peering access to Angola Cables’ undersea South Atlantic Cable System (SACS).

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