DE-CIX India launches partner programme

DE-CIX India launches partner programme

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DE-CIX India, one of the largest Internet Exchange operators in India, is launching a partner programme.

Partners will benefit from the suite of DE-CIX Interconnection services such as DIrectCLOUD, which enables their customers to peer at DE-CIX India via the partners’ access to one of the four local IX’s.

According to the company, the collaboration with the partners is designed to drive new business opportunities and increased profits for value-added sellers. In addition, partners will also be able to use their capacity/bandwidth more efficiently.

“This program is ideal for partners serving small to large enterprise customers with a focus on peering services, and it will be beneficial for all the parties involved in this program,” said Melanie Kempf, director of global partner relations at DE-CIX. “The partner can directly connect their customers through their own transport connection at their access port at the DE-CIX Internet Exchanges in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or Kolkatta. It will take place over an IndiaPeer VLAN of the desired size, along with the selected VLAN ID and a unique IP address. This is a win-win situation for the partner participating in the program, as well as for the designated customer.”

DE-CIX India runs carrier and data centre-neutral IXs, having presence at seven data centre facilities across four metro regions in India in the cities Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai. All IXs are interconnected with the available port capacities of 1G, 10G and 100G. DE-CIX India, which owns a nationwide license for India.

Yesterday, DE-CIX announced a partnership with Equinix, moving into its IL2 International Business Exchange data centre in Istanbul, Turkey. The news will grow DE-CIX’s Istanbul operations by enabling expanded carrier- and data centre-neutral internet exchange services in the region.

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