Altibox deploys BearingPoint//Beyond’s digital business platform to expand customer reach

Altibox deploys BearingPoint//Beyond’s digital business platform to expand customer reach

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Altibox, a Norwegian broadband provider, has deployed BearingPoint//Beyond’s Infonova digital business platform to connect its regional service providers across Norway and Denmark.

Using the BearingPoint//Beyond Infonova platform, Altibox is able to standardise a central value proposition for its nationwide services, as well as support and monetise its growing customer base. In addition, Altibox’s partners get access to the company’s range of unique consumer and business services while at the same time being able to use the same platform to manage and grow their businesses independently.

“Establishing an expandable ecosystem of third-party partners and service providers is at the heart of our strategy, and it’s critical that we have the right technology platform in place to support it,” said Thomas Skjelbred, CEO of Altibox. “With BearingPoint//Beyond, we have a partner that clearly understands our business model and goals, plus the expectations of our customers, and who we can rely on to continue to grow our partner ecosystem. The Infonova platform provides us with an important competitive advantage in a very crowded market, as well as being a secure foundation for us to succeed with our digital services.”

The Infonova platform streamlines and automates customer orders, billing and product management, which in turn will reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and accelerate time to market for new customer activations and services. Real-time updates also provide added transparency for Altibox and its customers. In the end, Altibox will deliver an enhanced and consistent user experience for all customers, across all partners.

“We’re delighted to work with Altibox as they extend their market reach, expand their range of digital services and grow their business,” said Angus Ward (pictured), CEO of BearingPoint//Beyond. “Using our technology, Altibox can connect its regional service provider partners to a single central platform, streamline its operations and provide both customers and partners with greater transparency. We look forward to working with Altibox to expand its ecosystem to include other verticals and services, and to also support Altibox’s partners in launching innovative new products and services.”

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