Syniverse and Telefónica to offer new secure global messaging service

John Wick  - Syniverse.jpg

Syniverse is developing a secure global messaging solution designed to help brands keep text messaging safe over the internet and without proper user authentication.

Collaborating with Telefónica, Syniverse will offer businesses a global cloud-based messaging platform that runs over a private network with end-to-end  encryption of actual messages and messages in transit. The network operates separately from the public internet using private addressing schemes that make it invisible to those with malicious intent.

“Any device that is capable of sending and receiving text messages over an unsecured network is at risk of cyberattack,” said John Wick (pictured), senior vice president and general manager of global product at Syniverse. “To minimise this risk, Syniverse and Telefónica are leading the way to secure the messaging environment so that sensitive information is protected at each stage of its journey as a message is sent from a brand, passed through a mobile network, and received by an end device.”

What was once secure enough for text messaging in no longer adequate due to the advanced techniques of fraudsters and hackers. Syniverse has chose Latin America as the location for the initial launch of this service. In the region the mobile attack rate is 8.9% n, according to Lexis Nexis. With this secure global messaging solution, Syniverse and Telefónica will be able protect customers and mobile operators from these attacks as well as an array of other cyberattacks, including phishing, whaling, denial-of-service, and man-in-the-middle incidents.

In addition, Syniverse will safeguard the customer experience and drastically decrease business risks by offering full-network-layer encryption all the way through a company application to the mobile operator with segmenting isolation in two areas. Additionally, automated alarming will set off if network end-points deviate from expected communications behaviour.

Product availability will be based on the number of mobile network operators connected to the secure global messaging solution, which will continually expand. 

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