Batelco and du launch regional network provider, Arc

Batelco and du launch regional network provider, Arc

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Batelco and du have launched Arc, a new joint venture that aims to simplify intra-regional connectivity in the Middle East by providing interconnected data centre solutions.

Arc will deliver these interconnected solutions to carriers, cloud and content providers as well as enterprise companies.

“The challenge for network-centric businesses in the Middle East is to rapidly connect, optimise and control their services while having presence as close as possible to users,” said Mahesh Jaishankar, CEO designate at Arc. “So far, it has been costly, complex and time-consuming to roll out applications and services across markets in the Middle East. Arc directly addresses these challenges and provides a seamless platform for cross border connectivity, similar to what we have seen in other regions around the globe.”

Through the development of a single platform for agile network ecosystems, Arc minimises the complexities of regional hub connectivity and delivers quick access to data networks and data centre infrastructures across the region.

“Today’s ICT market is all about agility and experience. It’s about seamlessly connecting hubs and growing your ecosystem across the region,” added Ananda Bose, board member of Arc and chief wholesale & corporate officer at EITC. “We’re proud to be investing in Arc and supporting an innovative business that will ultimately benefit the region and the entire value chain, from carriers through to end users.”

In its first phase of business, Arc is offering connectivity solutions to over 30 points of presence (PoPs) across the Middle East, Asia and Europe, integrated with data centres in the UAE and Bahrain, as well as bridging cross connectivity with major cable hubs in the region.

“For digital transformation and cloud adoption to grow in the Middle East, it needs to be simpler to connect and host solutions at the edge of the network,” added Adel Al-Daylami, board member of Arc and chief global officer of Batelco Global. “We are excited to invest in Arc and accelerate innovation across the Middle East. Arc supports a range of customers with an all-in-one solution that includes global points of presence, world-class data centres, multiple subsea cable systems and all major hubs across the region. Arc is a powerful yet a simple solution that has been long overdue in the Middle East.”

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