Openet partners with Evergent amid 5G transformation

Openet partners with Evergent amid 5G transformation

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As 5G is set to advance the digital service landscape, Openet has today teamed up with Evergent to monetise and transform next-generational digital services.

Evergent, which is a supplier of revenue and customer lifecycle management solutions to digital service providers, is extending its revenue management platform to include real-time monetisation, control and management with Openet’s solutions.

“With mobile networks continuing to support advanced digital services, having Openet’s real-time charging and policy systems as part of our revenue and customer lifecycle management platform opens up new possibilities for our customers,” said Vijay Sajja, CEO and co-founder at Evergent (pictured).

“5G is set to deliver an expanded range of services that will transform the industry. Such a transformational change needs a fresh, and agile approach to monetising advanced business models. We are excited to work with Openet to support the next generation of use-cases.”

The availability of 5G is changing the delivery and consumption of digital services, enabling a variety of use-cases, such as on-demand streaming, over mobile networks to be realised. The additional network speeds and greater capacity offered by 5G will present new monetisation opportunities from new and existing services

To address this growing opportunity, Evergent wanted to add a “market-leading, real-time charging and policy control solution” to give service providers more options and flexibility to monetise and manage digital services, create new business models and generate new revenue.

By providing Openet’s policy control, Evergent can enable digital service providers to optimise user network experience to deliver the best possible service. The real-time data collected by Openet’s solutions can be used to ensure service quality, as well as to drive contextual offers. This complements Evergent’s current suite of solutions that enables service providers to increase revenue and reduce churn by offering flexible ways to create and offer dynamic products and promotions that can be monetised via several billing options.

Niall Norton, CEO of Openet, added: “We are delighted to work with Evergent. We have many leading communications companies as joint customers, so there is an obvious degree of synergy there. In addition to this we are looking forward to collaboration with Evergent to help the leading digital service providers leverage the real-time capabilities of Openet’s solutions and capitalise on the new opportunities that 5G is presenting for all digital services.”

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