OTEGLOBE doubles subsea capacity with Infinera ICE4 technology

OTEGLOBE doubles subsea capacity with Infinera ICE4 technology


OTEGLOBE has deployed Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE4) technology to double the capacity on its subsea cable between Greece and Italy.

Infinera’s ICE4 technology has delivered the terabit capacity OTEGLOBE needs for its unrepeated subsea cables, enabling the company to meet growing the demands of its wholesale customers. The two 350km unrepeatered subsea cables between Greece and Italy form part of OTEGLOBE’s network.

“Greece is becoming a significant alternative hub for network capacity, connecting Europe to Asia and the rest of the world,” said Panagiota Bosodgianni, CTO of OTEGLOBE. “Our wholesale customers increasingly demand higher bandwidth and more reliable services, and to meet their needs, we require the best and most innovative technology on the market. With the introduction of ICE4, we managed to reach 10.8Tbps on the unrepeatered subsea links, exceeding our expectations.”

Through its subsea route and terrestrial European network OTEGLOBE delivers alternative route to connect Europe, Asia and the rest of the world through its Mediterranean hub in Greece. Asia traffic is routed through the AAE-1 cable to OTEGLOBE’s landing station at Chania, then through OTEGLOBE’s terrestrial network to Europe. Additionally, Chania acts as an alternative landing in EMEA, attracting new cable systems that can benefit from the company’s network.

“Infinera is pleased to support OTEGLOBE in delivering reliable, high-capacity services to its customers,” said Bob Jandro, senior vice president of worldwide sales at Infinera. “OTEGLOBE’s terrestrial network is powered by Infinera’s solutions, and the upgrade of its subsea cable system with ICE4 underscores the value of our technology in thriving terrestrial and subsea applications. By deploying Infinera’s innovative ICE-based subsea solution, OTEGLOBE is able to significantly increase capacity, exceeding expectations, on legacy cables.”

Leveraging Infinera’s ICE4 technology resulted in more than double the capacity on OTEGLOBE’ s network, benefitting from features of this optical engine that include Nyquist subcarriers, soft-decision forward error correction gain sharing, as well as photonic integrated circuit-based shared wavelength locker technology.

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