TeleSign launches RCS Messaging services

TeleSign launches RCS Messaging services

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TeleSign has announced the company’s expansion into Rich Communication Services (RCS) Messaging, supporting the company’s position in the authentication and CPaaS space.

TeleSign says that it is addressing new communications and engagement use cases with its SMS and Voice product offering and its data accuracy which comes from proprietary global data sources.

“Engaging consumers should be a top priority for all companies, and quality of communication services can significantly impact engagement,” said Vincent Oh, director of product management for CPaaS at TeleSign. “TeleSign has a strong platform that is capable of supporting many different use cases within the CPaaS market on a global scale. Building upon our SMS and Voice Communications expertise, our new RCS Messaging API ensures a rich, engaging and effective communication experience.”

By adding RCS Messaging to its portfolio, TeleSign will enable a truly interactive and omnipresent communication experience, which includes the availability of two-way messaging via chatbots to bring customers into the future of CPaaS services.

Leveraging TeleSign’s RCS API, its customers can deliver messages to anyone with a RCS-enabled phone on a supported carrier.

The advantages of using RCS Messaging include:

Increased engagement through high-resolution photos, GIFs and video messages while also solving MMS incompatibility; the ability to accurately measure campaign efficacy through read and delivery receipts for optimised customer communications; suggested replies, suggested actions and the introduction of AI for a more engaging messaging experience; and higher customer satisfaction and reduced customer support cost via chatbot interfaces.

TeleSign was acquired by BICS back in 2017 for $230 million. At the time BICS confirmed that TeleSign will continue to operate independently, under its own branding, with CEO Aled Miles continuing to lead the unit, reporting in to BICS CEO Daniel Kurgan, who is also chairman of the TeleSign board. Since then, Aled Miles has left the company, succeeded by Ryan Disraeli who was appointed CEO in 2018. 

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