Syniverse, China Telecom team up in MEA 4G connectivity drive

Syniverse, China Telecom team up in MEA 4G connectivity drive

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Syniverse and China Telecom Global (CTG) have partnered to migrate mobile operators in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) to 4G and other advanced voice, data, and video services.

In its position as a connectivity provider for business communications, Syniverse will work with the telecommunications services and intercontinental capacity giant to provide mobile internet services like 4G, rich communication services (RCS), and the internet of things (IoT) to the region.

“The increasing sophistication of 4G roll-outs and the need to quickly complete these service upgrades present challenges that will only be able to be fully solved with the high-performance technology of IPX,” said Dean Douglas (pictured), CEO and president of Syniverse. “Syniverse was the first to offer an IPX-based single-solution 4G testing environment to ensure that mobile operators could test all their services through one connection."

End-to-end mobile services will use Syniverse’s IPX Network, reaching more than 750 operators in over 150 countries. Syniverse Diameter Signaling Service will manage data across the networks so that operators and devices can use 4G securely. CTG says it will be able to customize connectivity for each operator.

The partnership with Syniverse is designed to provide a high-speed mobile network as well as continued investment in the infrastructure for the region, an investment that CTG began in 2008 and includes points of presence (PoPs) and data centres that reduce latency and enhance the end-user experience.

The Middle East and North Africa market offers a promising opportunity for the roll out of 4G and other advanced mobile services in the next few years, according to GSMA Intelligence. Mobile penetration rates still are below 80%, allowing plenty of room for subscriber growth. only about a quarter of connections in the region currently use 4G, giving an even bigger opportunity.

CTG has already made inroads into the MEA market. Last year, a subsidiary of CTG, China Telecom Africa and Middle East, announced it was establishing an interconnection network and telecoms hub at Teraco Data Environments, Africa’s first vendor-neutral data centre.

“4G service – and soon, 5G – will quickly become the new mobile-service standard in the developing mobile markets of the Middle East and Africa,” said Deng Xiaofeng, CEO of CTG. “Mobile users in this region will increasingly expect access to 4G speed and capacity anywhere they go. To meet this demand, China Telecom Global is working closely with Syniverse to deliver this service offering to our operators’ subscribers in a flexible, cost-efficient way.”

Last month, Syniverse announced it had launched the first neutral roaming platform for wide area networks using LoRa technology.


Pictured at the signing: Front row, Ou Yan, executive vice president of China Telecom Global (left) and Jon Pritchard, president for EMEA and Asia at Syniverse. Back row, left to right: Ying Li, sales director, Syniverse, Paul Hodges, senior vice president, Syniverse, Liu Chang Hai, managing director of China Telecom, and Zhang Tao, director of China Telecom Global 

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