Deutsche Telekom picks Idemia’s Entitlement server solution for eSIM-enable devices

Deutsche Telekom picks Idemia’s Entitlement server solution for eSIM-enable devices

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Deutsche Telekom has chosen IDEMIA’s Smart Connect Entitlement server solution for European affiliates to enhance the user experience.

The new offering supports smartphones, wearables and connected devices by ensuring a seamless user experience across these different devices. Supporting both iOS and Android platforms, this flexible cloud-based solution requires non-invasive network integration for mobile operators.

As a result, users can quickly and more cost effectively deploy Smart Connect Entitlement for authentication for devices and subscribers, entitlement authorisation, subscription/message notifications, VoLTE and VoWiFi Management and SMS free feature registration.

“For us as Deutsche Telekom it is very important to be prepared for the digital future where mobile devices without physical SIM-cards or displays become more common,” said Hans-Artur Panse, VP of international technology & services data, Deutsche Telekom. “Our customers expect to connect their devices easily and without any hassle. The Entitlement Service is one prerequisite for providing such an automated and enhanced user experience. We are happy to extend our partnership with Idemia by the installation of a central Entitlement Service solution for our European NatCos. With Idemia we already successfully introduced the consumer eSIM with IDEMIA’s SM-DP+. The Idemia Entitlement Solution convinced us because of its future proofness as well as IDEMIA’s experience with OEM products & processes.”

Deutsche Telekom selected Idemia’s solution to accelerate its efforts to launch eSIM-enabled devices in its European affiliates. By choosing Idemia’s Smart Connect Entitlement, Deutsche Telekom will always have the very latest OEM specifications to support smartphones, wearables and tablets on a cost effective and easy to deploy platform.

“Our flexible, scalable and cloud-based solution will certainly fire up Deutsche Telekom’s efforts to launch their eSIM-enabled devices in Europe given that it supports multiple OEMs, meets their entitlement specifications and is easy to introduce and add to their various affiliate networks under a single platform,” added Emir Aboulhosn, VP digital domain connectivity, Idemia’s.

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