ZTE supports Slovakian telco perform first 5G video call

ZTE supports Slovakian telco perform first 5G video call

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ZTE Corporation and Slovakian mobile operator SWAN Mobile have jointly conducted the country’s first 5G video call in a major breakthrough for 5G commercialisation.

The Chinese vendor and SWAN Mobile showcased a variety of industrial applications based on 5G on a 5G network based on 3GPP R15, using ZTE’s 5G end-to-end solution which consists of wireless access and core network technologies, as well as 5G mobile phones.

During the demo, SWAN Mobile’s CTO, Patrik Kollaroci, used ZTE's latest phone to conduct the first 5G video call in the country. There was also live demos of 5G peak rates, eight-channel HD video streaming, VR video and drone services.

Tested with 60M bandwidth, the peak data rate of 5G single user reached up to 1Gbps, equalling the theoretical value. HD videos were uploaded over 5G networks in real-time by a 360-degree camera drone and downloaded by VR glasses.

ZTE has reported that the result was “a clear, smooth multi-channel live video experience”, with the demonstrations showcasing the “strong performance of the 5G network, featuring high speed and low latency”.

Roman Vavrik, CEO of SWAN, said: "With the issuing of 5G licenses, the 5G era has now arrived in Slovakia. We hope to cooperate with ZTE to provide leading 5G applications and services to Slovakian users as soon as possible.”

Another European drive for connectivity is also taking place between Orange Belgium and Proximus as they set up a joint company to run their mobile networks and speed up 5G roll-out in the country.

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