Orange completes €515m acquisition of SecureLink to boost Cyberdefense unit

Orange completes €515m acquisition of SecureLink to boost Cyberdefense unit

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Orange has completed the acquisition of SecureLink, a company that operates cyber security operations centres, and will add the company to its existing Cyberdefense division.

It completed the acquisition, first announced two months ago, after getting regulatory approval for the €515 million deal.

SecureLink is Orange’s second cyber security acquisition of the year. In February it announced the purchase of a UK group, SecureData, also merged with its existing Orange Cyberdefense. Orange did not say how much it paid for SecureData.

The latest acquisition, SecureLink, is based in the Netherlands. It is one of the largest independent cyber security service providers in Europe with additional on-the-ground presence in Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, UK, German, Denmark and Norway. It has 15 offices in eight countries, according to the company’s website.

When the deal was announced in May, Hugues Foulon (pictured), executive director of cybersecurity at Orange, said: “Cybersecurity is a growing priority for companies of all sizes, and we believe the two most important success factors are scale and proximity. Scale because today’s threats are global, complex, and require matching protection capabilities. Proximity because in the global IT world, you want a trusted local partner to secure your most strategic assets.”

Orange started its cyber security business in 2014 when it acquired Atheos, and renamed the unit Orange Cyberdefense.

SecureLink has more than 660 employees and reported revenues of €248 million in 2018. Earlier this year, SecureData brought in 220 employees and annual revenues of €50 million.

Foulon said: “With the acquisition of SecureData and SecureLink, Orange has the highest scale to anticipate and fend off attacks, as well as local defence teams in all the main European markets, positioning the combined organisation as the go-to defence specialist.”




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