Telefónica International Wholesale Services deploys Marketing Campaigns Manager for Vivo

Telefónica International Wholesale Services deploys Marketing Campaigns Manager for Vivo

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Vivo, a Brazilian mobile operator, has rolled out Marketing Campaigns Manager, the service recently launched by Telefónica International Wholesale Services (TIWS).

Through this service, TIWS will enable Vivo to provide its customers with the most relevant offers in real-time and through multiple channels.

“Thanks to the implementation of this suite of services, Vivo can now configure and implement customised campaigns in an agile and simple way, which brings an improvement in the user experience,” said Juan Carlos Bernal (pictured), CEO of Telefónica’s International Wholesale Business Unit.

Thanks to this fully virtualised solution, Vivo is able to offer an end-to-end campaigns solution enhancing the experience of mobile roamers. Among other functionalities, the solution allows subscriber segmentation, data usage control and performance monitoring.

Marketing Campaigns Manager also helps MNOs to develop a mobile strategy addressing different use cases, including among others: silent roamers, sponsored data & rewards, data sharing plans and data offers management.

Integrated into this ecosystem, TIWS has also developed a data optimisation solution, which will enable Vivo to optimise its end users’ data sessions, improving the value they get from their data plans, reducing bill shock and accelerating the delivery of content.

Earlier this week, Ericsson partnered with Telefónica Germany to enable 5G car production over a private network for Mercedes-Benz at the company’s Sindelfingen plant in southern Germany.

All production systems and machines in the new-build Factory 56 will be connected and operated using 5G with gigabit data rates and almost real-time latency times.

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