France-IX launches PASS interconnection service

France-IX launches PASS interconnection service


France-IX has announced the launch of its Peering-as-a-Supplementary Service (PASS), a transport and peering privileges solution that enables IXP members that peer at one location to access community members that peer at the other.

Available immediately, and without needing a physical port in the other city, members with a direct peering connection in Paris will gain access and peering privileges with more than fifteen unique networks in Marseille; and members with a direct connection in Marseille, will be able to peer with over 350 unique networks in Paris. 

“No matter if our members are directly connected in the physical location of Paris or Marseille, our new PASS Service now enables them to reach the whole of France-IX, and several hundreds of members that make up our rich ecosystem of carrier networks, CDNs, social networks, streaming, gaming, cloud and IT service providers who choose to interconnect for the interest of all,” said Franck Simon, president of France-IX Services. “The PASS Service is yet another innovative solution that makes France-IX the best choice for peering in Europe – get to Marseille or Paris and the whole of the France-IX peering community is yours.”

In addition, PASS Service users will benefit from increased resiliency on their interconnections with current peers thanks to two direct paths delivered by two different providers. The first via Lyon and the other via Clermont-Ferrand without any single point of failure, via 100G DWDM optical network transport solutions between Paris and Marseille. As a result, France-IX is able to achieve a round-trip delay of less than 12ms.

The service is available on all peering ports: 1, 10 or 100GE in the 12 France-IX point of presence and access is provided through a transport solution managed by France-IX, which aims at a service availability in line with France-IX standards, approximately 99.995% per year, per city. Direct peering members can request PASS online on the France-IX website.

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