Melita Italia partners Plume and Open Fiber to launch new fibre services

Melita Italia partners Plume and Open Fiber to launch new fibre services

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Melita Italia, a subsidiary of Melita, a Malta –based operator, has launched Diamond Fibra in collaboration with Plume and Open Fiber.

The new internet-only product features 1000Mbps, gigabit internet delivered on Italy’s Opne Fiber fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network and Plume’s smart home services bundle that features Adaptive Wifi, Homepass and AI Security.

"Led by Ricardo Ruggiero, the launch of Melita Italia and Diamond Fibra blends our internet experience and customer focus with super-fast internet from the Open Fiber network and Plume's intelligent smart home services to deliver a new level of service to Italian consumers,” said Harald Roesch, CEO of Melita. “By delivering the fastest, most reliable and most secure internet experience on any device, Diamond Fibra is a perfect starting point for Melita Italia's growth journey."

Diamond Fibra will initially be available to consumers in eight cities across Italy including Milan, Turin, Monza, Florence, Naples, Bari, Palermo and Catania. The new service bundle combines the speed of fibre Internet access, with functionality enabled by Plume’s technology, to deliver a powerful and intelligent solution for the smart home.

"Melita has just created the world's first 'modern triple play' offering – unified and managed connectivity over fast fibre & reliable whole-home Wifi, personalised parental controls & guest access, and tightly secured & protected devices. As Melita raises the bar in Italy with an unprecedented service bundle and customer experience, Plume is honoured to be partnering with such a pioneer," continued Fahri Diner, co-founder and CEO of Plume.

At the start of April, Open Fiber and TIM’s infrastructure merger grew ever closer. Vivendi decided to call an armistice in its battle with Elliott over control of TIM, the former Telecom Italia.

Vivendi, with 23.9% of the shares went into a shareholders’ meeting in Milan set to vote to oust five directors nominated by activist investor Elliott, with 9.2% of the shares. But at the last moment it backed down and decided to support the Elliott directors.

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