Hawaiki launches new PoP in Seattle

Hawaiki launches new PoP in Seattle

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Hawaiki Submarine Cable has extended its US footprint from Hillboro Oregon to the Westin Building Exchange (WBX) carrier hotel and data centre in Seattle with a new point of presence (PoP).

The decision was to enable Hawaiki to support its clients’ growing capacity requirements between New Zealand, Australia and the US.

“Choosing the WBX in Seattle was a natural but strategic decision for us,” said Remi Galasso, chief executive officer, Hawaiki. “With over 250 carriers, cloud and content providers within their ecosystem we could not have found a more ideal location.”

Hawaiki says that it chose the Westin Building Exchnage based on the large number of global carriers, simplified connectivity options and available cloud services that has been the basis of the Trans-Pacific, terabit fibre hub on the US West Coast.

“At WBX, we are simplifying access to carriers, companies, clouds, countries and continents,” said Michael Boyle, strategic planning director with WBX. “The reason organizations like Hawaiki establish a presence with the Westin Building Exchange is due to the availability of multiple, cost-effective connectivity options and direct access to all major carriers and cloud providers, located in our building.”

In addition to extending Hawaiki’s reach in the US, the new deployment provides customers with PoP to PoP capacity between Sydney, Auckland and Seattle.

In related news, back in January HCL Limited, the owner-operator of the Hawaiki Submarine Cable, filed a transfer of control application with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In the filing made in December, transfer of control is listed as moving from HCL Limited Partnership to Palisade Subsea Investments Pty Ltd.

Speaking to Capacity at the time, Ludovic Hutier, chief operating officer, Hawaiki Submarine Cable, said that the filing is a mere continuation of the agreement with Palisade and has no impact on the running and operation of the system.

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