[Whitepaper] Upgrading R&E Networks to Bolster Bandwidth, Operational Efficiency, and Information Security

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Research and Education (R&E) organizations are looking for new and better ways to provide network services to campus communities.


They need bandwidth—and lots of it—to transmit large data files for researchers, facilitate streaming video and collaboration applications for the student population, and support immersive teaching and productivity applications for faculty and staff.

Big data and cloud services are driving many of these trends. Current networks for many institutions were designed for email and Web browsing, and cannot support today’s more sophisticated use cases with steadily increasing traffic demands. R&E organizations’ network design updates must promise robust performance while ensuring capability for growth and offering conveniences that make operating the network simple and efficient. The network must also keep all information secure

This Whitepaper covers:

  • Serving multiple user communities in R&E ecosystems 

  • Strategic considerations for R&E network evolution

  • A convenient architecture: One network for all R&E user communities

  • How to begin the network evolution