TWT adding last mile data connectivity services

TWT adding last mile data connectivity services

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Italian telco, TWT, is proud to announce that it will soon be adding last mile data connectivity in Italy to its service portfolio.

TWT, which was founded in 1995, has a nationwide network in Italy and it is able to provide fibre-optic, copper or wireless connections. It will be offering services that include direct internet access offering both IPV4 and IPV6 local addressing, MPLS VPN services as well as L2TP. TWT currently offers interconnection in the Milan Caldera Campus and will be expanding interconnection points in 2019.

“Using our reseller portal you will be able to check coverage, provision and manage your connectivity directly. By simply inserting the address of your customer we will provide a list of all services available at the site from direct fiber connections to fttcab/vdsl/shdsl and you can place the order by selecting the service and accepting the price,” the company said.

“From there our dedicated provisioning department takes over providing timely updates and coordinating the activity with the local territorial installation crews until the ready for service arrives. Once the service is active from our portal you can check the status, troubleshoot issues and contact our technicians in order to have full control of your customer."

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