IXcellerate begins second Moscow data centre as part of $260m investment plan

IXcellerate begins second Moscow data centre as part of $260m investment plan

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Russian data centre firm IXcellerate has begun construction of its second data centre in Moscow as part of a $260 million five-year investment plan for the country.

The new $30 million data centre facility – which will be called Moscow Two – will be a Tier 3-certificated data centre large enough to host 1,485 high-load racks totalling 12MW of power.

It comes among increasing demand for digitalisation and increased commercial demands for cloud platform in Russia, where IXcellerate is among the top-five data centre providers.

The five-year strategy will see IXcellerate invest up to $260 million to build or manage at least five data centre sites in Moscow, funded by shareholder contributions, bank financing and foreign capital.

According to the business plan, IXcellerate’s total capacity will exceed 15,000 racks by 2023, making up to 25% of the local market, with the largest site set to accommodate up to 10,000 racks alone.

Guy Willner, CEO of IXcellerate, said: “The demand for secure data storage and processing is increasing globally every year and growth in Russia is no exception. For any developed economy, commercial data centers are as important today as railways were for the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century. Six years on from its foundation, IXcellerate has become one of Russia’s top data centers, meeting all standards and principles of Edge Computing, providing advanced technology and world-class service within optimal latency.”

IXcellerate’s customer base spans over 100 international and Russian companies. In 2018, it struck a deal with Chinese cloud service provider Tencent Cloud which has seen over 600 Tencent rack’s installed in IXcellerate’s Moscow One facility.

Patrick Lee, Tencent Cloud representative, said: “Tencent Cloud is pleased to work with IXcellerate to expand our global footprint in Russia. We are grateful for IXcellerate team’s Herculean efforts, timely delivery and cooperation to help build a leading cloud infrastructure in Moscow. We look forward to more collaborations and opportunities within IXcellerate’s ecosystem in the near future”.

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