Exclusive: Carl Roberts leaves Epsilon after two years as CCO

Exclusive: Carl Roberts leaves Epsilon after two years as CCO

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Carl Roberts has left Epsilon Telecommunications after just over two years as chief commercial officer.

“I had a great two years at Epsilon and had the opportunity to work with some great people,” he told Capacity. “During this time, the company achieved significant double digit growth and substantial positive transformation. It was also a time during which the company and brand image have evolved. Epsilon is now playing in the major leagues and has stepped into the light. I am very proud to have been a part of that and I certainly wish Epsilon continued success in the marketplace.”

Roberts spent 15 years at Verizon and its predecessors before leaving in 2015. He joined Epsilon in late 2016, based in Dubai and Singapore. “I flew five and a half times round the globe in 2018,” said Roberts. “I’m looking forward to catching up with my industry friends and colleagues at Capacity Middle East and ITW.”

Capacity Middle East is in March, and ITW, which this year moves to Atlanta, is in June.

He is working on new opportunities. “There are a lot of interesting things on the market. One of the big themes is the shift to software-defined networks. And there are a lot of talented and experienced folks in incubators, developing some really clever solutions”.

He added: “Before joining Epsilon I had to put a number of key projects on hold, which I will now return to. I still have the four Es going for me – experience, expertise, energy and enthusiasm. So I am looking forward to an exciting future.”

Capacity Media, the publisher of Capacity, gave Roberts a lifetime achievement award (see picture, above) at the Global Carrier Awards in Paris on his departure from Verizon in 2015.

Epsilon in January announced the appointment of formerTalkTalk chief operating officer Colin Whitbread as its new managing director of service and operations, based in London. 

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