AeroNet lights up Miami node and upgrades backbone network to 100G

AeroNet lights up Miami node and upgrades backbone network to 100G

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Puerto Rico’s AeroNet has upgraded its fibre backbone network to 100Gbps and established a new IP node in Equinix’s NAP of The Americas facility in Miami.

AeroNet has significantly expanded its fibre footprint in the past few years and its most recent upgrade will enable the company to support the current and future bandwidth and connectivity needs of its customers.

“AeroNet takes another step into being in the forefront of technology by investing in Puerto Rico and in the latest fibre-optic technology to serve our customers,” said Gino Villarini, founder and president of AeroNet (pictured).

“Our Miami node will allow us the flexibility to provide new services including direct cloud connectivity. Innovation is on the top of our to-do list, and by completing these two milestones we can solidify and expand our network and product offerings

AeroNet’s upgrade includes the installation of 100G-capable points of presences (PoPs) across the San Juan Metro area backbone and enables AeroNet to offer Ethernet services up to 100G port in point-to-point or multi-point configurations.


All the backbone upgrades include the installation of Juniper Networks MX series of 100G routers, which provide some of the latest next-generation networking technology enabling AeroNet to deliver more innovative data services to its current and future markets.

The new IP node in Miami’s NAP of the Americas, one Equinix’s main data centres in the US, also leverages technology from Juniper Networks MX routers and allows AeroNet to quickly expand its service offerings by been able to interconnect to most of the cloud services providers and telecom providers in North and South America.

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