NTT Com to expand interconnection ecosystem of data centres

NTT Com to expand interconnection ecosystem.jpg

NTT Com is set to expand the interconnection of its Nexcenter data centres in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, to enable client companies to connect with cloud and content services more flexibly than ever before.

The move will see NTT Com begin directly connecting its ecosystem with three major internet exchanges (IXs) in Japan to enable clients to access services offered by these IXs and various NTT Com partner companies. Thereafter, NTT Com will continue to expand this ecosystem centered on NTT Com's Nexcenter data centres.

“The initiative, which leverages Nexcenter's support for data distribution platform, is one of several ways NTT Com is expanding its ecosystem for flexible connection to diverse providers' clouds and content services,” said a company statement.

BBIX Connect Service, JPIX service, and the currently available JPNAP service will be interconnected with major data centres that NTT Com operates in Tokyo and Osaka. The IXs will offer an expanding range of services that NTT Com clients will access by connecting to specific data centres via the Nexcenter Connect service.

The data centres will include the Tokyo No. 1 to No. 10 data centres, Yokohama No. 1 data centre and Saitama No. 1 data centre in the Tokyo area and the Osaka 1 to 3 data centres, Osaka 5 data centre and the coming Osaka 6 and 7 data centres.

“As a DX Enabler to realise DX for customers, NTT Com will develop various measures to provide data distribution platform such as artificial intelligence services, data management, and servitisation support services in addition to global IoT using eSIM and network services that flexibly link multiple clouds. Also, NTT Com expects to further expand its interconnection of various IXs and broaden its partnerships with other great service providers,” the company added.

It’s been a busy year already for NTT Com, which has also announced the expansion of its Tier-1 global IP network with a new point of presence (PoP) in Toronto, Canada and has entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire a majority stake in Transatel, a global internet of things (IoT) connectivity provider and Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE).