DE-CIX boosts presence in India

DE-CIX boosts presence in India

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DE-CIX Interwire is expanding its presence in India by launching in Dehli, Kolkata and Chennai.

DE-CIX Interwire, which operates in India under the Mumbai-IX branding, already operates one of the largest internet exchanges in the Indian subcontinent. The firm has now been granted a nationwide license to deploy its services across India.

The new IXs will be named DE-CIX Dehli, DE-CIX Kolkata and DE-CIX Chennai, with all three set to open in the first quarter of 2019, offering premium interconnection services to Indian carriers and enterprises.

Ivo Ivanov, CEO at DE-CIX International, said: “Adding Exchanges in the Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata markets is crucial for the development of the Internet in these regions and we are happy to facilitate interconnection between national networks and international players.”

DE-CIX said that in 2018, it had seen significant growth in both traffic and user base in India through Mumbai-IX. This included international partners, with Mumbai-IX now connecting more than 150 peering partners.

DE-CIX Interwire stems from a partnership between German internet exchange DE-CIX, which is one of the world’s biggest internet exchanges by traffic volume, and Interwire Internet Services, which owns the Mumbai Convergence Hub. The two firms struck an memorandum in January 2017 and launched Mumbai-IX later that year.

“With the Mumbai IX we have established the base for exchanging IP traffic for India, and have done so in India – instead of abroad. With our nationwide license and now adding Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai to our Indian peering world, we are taking the logical next step to exchange traffic much closer to the end user. We are doing business wherever we are needed,” added Ivanov (pictured).

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