IX Reach expands partnership with AMS-IX into India

AMS-IX India.jpg

IX Reach has announced and expansion of its partnership with AMS-IX into India to offer broader connectivity options.

The deal will bring “robust and resilient connectivity” into AMS-IX’s internet exchange in Mumbai, the company said.

“Offering remote peering solutions into AMS-IX India is not only an exciting move for IX Reach, but it marks the start of an exciting new period,” said Simon Vye, CEO at IX Reach.

“Our customers will be able to peer in India - a region with growing interest and popularity – and hand off their traffic much closer to eyeballs, therefore saving money on transit costs and also improving quality of their connection.”

This new partnership will enable customers to access a remote peering solution at the AMS-IX India exchange from any one of IX Reach’s 170+ points of presence without needing to invest in their own equipment in India, the company said.

Jesse Robbers, CCO of AMS-IX, said: “We see a great uptake in terms of port capacity, traffic and amount of connected parties varying between national and international content players, different eyeball networks and CDN parties in India.”

The company said that connecting via a single port in any one of IX Reach’s 170+ PoPs enables customers unlimited and direct access to AMS-IX India, all its internet exchange partners, SDN cloud connect partners, and transport connectivity services.