Indigo subsea cable completes installation

Indigo subsea cable completes installation

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The Indigo West and Central subsea cables were reportedly completed in December 2018, creating a complete optical path between landing stations.

The 9000km cable connecting Singpore to Perth and Perth to Sydney, is backed by a consortium of consisting of ARnet, Google, Indosat, Singtel, SubPartners and Telstra.

According to ARN, via an announcement from Superloop, Indigo Central completed 24 December while Indigo West completed on 21 December. Superloop also confirms that the cable is now in a period of acceptance and commissioning testing before going live for commercial service.

“This has been a tremendous project and Indigo will become an important piece of infrastructure for Australia and the region not just for its diversity and additional resiliency, but because it provides greater competition for the Australian connectivity market,” said Drew Kelton, CEO of Superloop.

In April 2017, Superloop acquired subsea cable operator SubParner and first announced plans to build the Indigo cable system.

By November the same year, SubPartners had completed the horizontal directional drilling phase of its seaward facing bore pipe project at Coogee beach in Sydney. In addition, manufacturing of the cable and repeaters had also begun at system supplier factories in London and Paris.

At the start of January 2018, Superloop shared Its plans to fully intergrate the Indigo cable into a number of its mertro fibre networks Singapore, Perth and Sydney, offering PoP to PoP connectivity between over 40 data centres across the three markets.

By September 2018, Indigo West made its first landing linking Christmas Island to Perth cable at Floreat Beach in Perth. Shortly followed in October when Indigo Central landed Sydney from Perth.

“I need to thank our consortium partners and the Superloop team for their dedication to the project and delivering it on time and on budget with a special thank you to chief commercial officer Carlos Trujillo and chief operating officer Lee Harper. I am looking forward to the system going live early in 2019,” added Bevan Slattery, co-founder of SubPartners and director of Superloop.

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